Lotus Geometry Setups

With any performance or classic vehicle, it is vital that the suspension components are aligned correctly and in optimum working condition. Deteriorated components or a less than optimal setup can ruin the ride of a car or at worst make the handling unpredictable.

With years of experience building performance and track cars, Maidstone Sports Cars offer three options in geometry setups, from road to track day and race.

Geometry Set-Ups - Elise/Exige/VX220 Price
Basic Set Up (Road Use) £140
Intermediate Set Up (Road & Track Use) £240
Full Set Up (Race Use) £360

All prices include VAT, parts & labour.

What does the setup include?

Item Road Track Race
Check All Suspension Components x x x
Set Camber x x x
Road Height & Ground Clearance x x x
Wheel Alignment x x x
Corner Weighting   x x
Castor     x
Bump Steer     x