Lotus Wishbone Bush Kits

In standard form, the Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige wishbone bushes are made from a soft rubber compound which promotes a quiet comfortable ride. Perfect for road cars but for when you want to push the car harder on road or track, the bushes should be upgraded to a stronger material, to prevent unwanted movement in the suspension. 

We use a bush made out of Ertacetal which is a much stronger compound then standard, honing your handling performance without sacrificing ride comfort for road use. Ertacetal is one of the highest specification materials that can be used as a suspension bush. Its heat range, dimensional stability and excellent slide properties are unequalled by any other Nylon product.

Nitron Racing Inner Wishbone Bearing Kit

The Nitron wishbone bearing kit replaces all the inner rubber bushes with 15mm Teflon-lined spherical bearings. These are typically frozen prior to installation. On either side of the bearing is a spacer machined from 7075-T6 hard anodised aluminium. These spacers have an 'O' ring seal placed on them before they are inserted into the bearing.

There is no need to tighten these into a particular position like rubber bushes and, as they are fully sealed, they will not require any maintenance.