Lotus Anti-Roll Bars

Due to its road car setup, the Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige compromised stiffness and handling performance for softness and comfort. To reduce understeer, we recommend fitting an uprated front anti-roll bar. This will also reduce wheel spin and increase exit traction immensely.

We fit a thicker diameter bar made from cold drawn sprung steel which gives a stiffness variation from original specification to 2.25x stiffer by moving the drop links either further or closer to the centre of the bar. There are no downsides to this modification; it does not affect the ride comfort, it simply alleviates body roll thus enhancing your vehicle's cornering abilities. This is a direct replacement, needing no modification to your vehicle.

If your car is used solely for track and race use, then we recommend going to the 1" thick bar, for even more rigidity. We have used this Lotus anti-roll bar exclusively on all of our race cars to great success. 

Lotus Evora / Lotus Exige V6 Rear Anti-Roll Bar Upgrade

The Lotus Evora and Lotus Exige V6 are the first cars since the Lotus Elise's inception to feature a rear anti-roll bar. For use on the road the standard anti-roll bar fitted works fine, but under fast road or track conditions, the bar is limited in performance.

We fit the uprated Lotus anti-roll bar in two thicknesses, 7/8" or 1" dependant on preference and usage.