Lotus Suspension Refresh

The original wishbones fitted to all variations of the Lotus Elise & Lotus Exige are prone to surface corrosion. We now offer a complete suspension overhaul service restore your Lotus suspension systems to a like new finish, with extra rust protection incorporated! The suspension assemblies are completely stripped down and inspected. The wishbones have all bushes and ball joints removed, the uprights have wheel bearings and hubs removed and then the components are shot blasted and then painted in a military grade rust protective coating. While this is apart, we will look at other parts of the suspension and recommend any actions needed to be taken.

The newly painted wishbones are then fitted with new ball joints, and bushes of your choice depending on application. New anti-roll bar bushes, track rod ends, wheel bearings and hubs are then fitted and reassembled on the car. A geometry setup is then completed to customer specification and the vehicle is road tested.