Lotus Head Gasket Replacement

Priding ourselves with the quality of our work, Maidstone Sports Cars have come up with the ultimate K Series Head Gasket fix. We have carried out hundreds of head gasket replacements on the Rover K series engines over the last 15 years without ever having a failure. We may not be the cheapest; but by using the latest gaskets and technology we consider our repair as a cure for this much-maligned engine.

Our process includes:

  • Draining all fluids and then removal of the K Series Cylinder Head
  • Full strip down of the cylinder head, then sending away for cylinder head reface.
  • Fit the revised multi-layered steel head gasket with metal dowels
  • Fit the refaced head with new inlet, exhaust & cam cover gaskets and replacement head bolts
  • To replace cam belt, tensioner bearing and bolt
  • Run the engine on a flushing oil
  • Drain engine and refill with correct oil and new filter
  • To flush cooling system and fill with correct coolant
  • Carry out road test and check for correct function of all systems

Please note: The above is for a straightforward Lotus K Series head gasket replacement. If further work is required we will notify you accordingly This works comes with a Maidstone Sports Cars 12 Month Warranty.