Lotus Exhaust Upgrades

One of the complaints we receive about the Lotus K series is the lack of noise it produces. By fitting a new sports rear silencer with a bigger bore pipe, we increase the noise and power output of the vehicle. All made from stainless steel, this also saves weight and guarantees a long life. We fit a large range of silencers for road, track or race use dependant on application.

To push some more serious power gains, we recommend replacing the Lotus exhaust manifold and catalytic converter. The original Lotus exhaust manifold is quite restrictive, and fitting a larger bore stainless steel replacement will increase power. The standard Lotus catalytic converter restricts air flow out of the exhaust. We recommend fitting a sports cat for road use or a bypass pipe for track use.

If you wanted to discuss your exhaust requirements further, our customer care team are on hand to assist you where possible. For more information, please Contact Us