Lotus Engine Upgrades (Rover K Series)

Presenting a vast range of upgrade options for the Rover K Series, we provide power increases to the engine, and offer our engine building services to create the road/race engine package suitable for you. Giving the Rover K Series a fresh start with our race winning Lotus engine performance upgrades. All engine building, modification, engine management setup and fitment is carried out in house. We offer these services for all K Series engines, including the VHPD engine found in the Lotus Elise Sport 190 and Lotus Exige S1.

Using the Emerald K6 ECU, we offer aftermarket engine management solutions for your Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige, with plug-and-play connectivity, saving hours of re-wiring.

From simple engine upgrades to full track/race prepped engines.

Some of our K Series performance upgrades include:

  • Induction Kits
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Throttle Bodies
  • Camshaft and Verniers
  • Complete Engine Builds
  • Engine Management

Our customer care team are on hand to discuss any requirements you may have, please feel free to Contact Us