Lotus Engine Upgrades (Rover K Series)

Often described as underpowered, the S1 and early S2 Lotus Elise models are crying out for boosts to the 120BHP engine. From intakes & exhausts to camshafts and ECU's, Maidstone Sports Cars can provide the ultimate solution for chasing power out of the K Series. Listed below are a few of the options available, if you would like to talk to someone about the upgrades available, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Induction & Exhaust

A great way to improve power output and engine noise is through a high flow air box and bigger bore exhaust. A must-have upgrade is our High Flow Sports Induction Kit. This direct cold air intake allows for much greater airflow, greatly improving the power and torque. The stainless-steel Elise exhaust systems we offer are very customisable, with options including large or small bore replacement manifold dependant on power output, as well as a catalytic converter bypass pipe for those who are track focussed.

Description S1 S2
High Flow Sports Induction Kit From £270 From £270
4-2-1 Small Bore Exhaust Manifold (Up to 170BHP) From £710 From £710
4-2-1 Large Bore Exhaust Manifold (170BHP+) From £810 From £810
CAT Bypass Pipe From £125 From £140
Sports Exhaust From £600 From £620

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

ECU Upgrades

If you desire more from your Elise, the next logical step is to fit an aftermarket ECU. Emerald have developed a long relationship with the K Series Engine, and have now released their K6 Programmable ECU. With switchable maps and adaptive fuelling, this is the ultimate tool for squeezing extra power out of the K Series. Please note, car will need to be set up on rolling road if ECU is fitted.

Description S1 & S2
Emerald K6 Programmable ECU From £970
Rolling Road Charge From £225

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.