Lotus Brake Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading brakes on your Lotus Elise or Exige, this can be achieved through multiple methods. From simple disc and pad upgrades to full 4 0caliper conversions, Maidstone Sports Cars have the best solutions!

Description Price
Fitting Braided Brake Hoses From £395
Brake Fluid Change £60

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

Disc & Pad Upgrades

For a simple upgrade, using EBC Drilled & Slotted discs will make a vast improvement over standard, perfect for fast road specification when matched with green stuff pads.

If you start to chase power on your Lotus, then upgrading to an aluminium belled disc is a must. By separating the bell from the disc and making it out of aluminium allows the disc to cool a lot more efficiently, giving much greater braking efficiency, as well as a lower unsprung weight. Mated to a performance brake pad, the stopping power of your Elise/Exige is immense!

Description S1 S2/S3
EBC Turbo Discs & Green Stuff Pads From £715 From £715
Aluminium Belled Discs & RS42 Pads From £1135 From £1135

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

4 Pot Caliper Upgrade

A very cost-effective upgrade comes from Lotus Performance. The Lotus Sport 4 Pot calipers, originally designed for the motorsport cars have been proven as the perfect upgrade kit for fast road and track day cars. This kit is designed for any S2 car, as well as S1 Exige, or S1 Elise fitted with 16" or larger front wheels.

Description Price
Lotus 4 Pot Caliper Upgrade From £875

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.