Lotus Brake Caliper Upgrades

For serious track and fast road users, upgrading your Lotus brake calipers is essential. The Lotus Elise is limited by it's small 2 pot brake caliper as standard, and to gain true braking efficiency you must upgrade to 4 pot or more. There are numerous different brake caliper upgrades available for your Lotus, dependant on application. We have listed a couple of the most popular Lotus brake calipers upgrades below. If you wanted to discuss your braking requirements further, our customer care team are on hand to assist you where possible. For more information, please Contact Us

Lotus AP 4 Pot Brake Calipers

A very cost-effective upgrade that comes direct from Lotus Performance. The Lotus Sport 4 Pot calipers, originally designed for the motorsport cars have been proven as the perfect upgrade kit for fast road and track day cars. Designed for improved front braking and longevity of the brake pads. Direct replacement fit onto Lotus Elise S2 / Lotus Exige S2, with no additonal fittings required and the Piston sizes are fully compatible with the original master cylinder giving a better pedal feel and greatly reduced brake fad. This kit will fit onto Lotus Exige S1, or a Lotus Elise S1 fitted with 16" or larger front wheels. These calipers require a 308mm disc or larger.

AP Racing Pro 5000+ 4 Pot Brake Calipers

Designed mainly with the intention of racing, the AP Racing Pro 5000+ 4 Pot brake calipers are the best of the best, providing ultimate braking performance. AP Racing is synonymous with all forms of racing and is known throughout the world as the best. We recommend larger 295mm OD discs for those cars with 16" front wheels and 290mm for those cars with 15" front wheels, this increases braking force in three ways

  1. The larger pistons within the caliper create more clamping load.
  2. The leverage on the outside of the disc is further outwards thus the clamping force is greater.
  3. As the pads have a larger surface area they will last virtually twice as long as a standard size brake pad.

Please note: the AP Racing Pro 5000+ brake calipers require different uprights to mount correctly.