Lotus Brake Disc Upgrades

For normal road use, the standard Lotus brake discs do the job fine. However, when you start to put more power through the car or take it on track, a better brake disc is required. There are unlimited Lotus brake disc upgrades, and to list all of them would be near impossible. We have listed a couple of the most popular Lotus brake disc upgrades below. If you wanted to discuss your braking requirements further, our customer care team are on hand to assist you where possible. For more information, please Contact Us

EP Racing Aluminium Belled Discs

Precision machined lightweight Aluminium Bells with Grooved and Drilled Disc Rotors, then Hard Black Anodised for a superb long lasting finish. EliseParts have been supplying these to the Lotus community for almost 20 years. With various sizes depending on application, these discs are a direct replacement for the Lotus Elise, Lotus Exige, Lotus 340R & Lotus 2-Eleven, Lotus Exige V6 and Lotus 3-Eleven

AP Racing Discs and Bells

For those running a competitive race car, the AP disc is an essential requirement. We have run AP Racing discs on every race car we have built, and we feel they offer the best package available. Larger than standard (295mm front and 290mm rear), they not only give an increase in braking forces but will dissipate the heat better with less likelihood of brake fade. Also available in 304mm, 308mm and 315mm. Although they are larger and better than OE they are still lighter; They not only save unsprung weight they also have a smaller rotational mass which equates to less energy required to stop! The AP 290mm rotor can be used with any Elise standard wheel. The AP 295mm Rotors are for 16" and above wheels.