Honda K20 Turbocharger Upgrade

With the advancement of turbo technology over the past few years, with it being reintegrated into Formula 1 as well as being used on the smallest capacity engines, Maidstone Sports Cars are now able to offer a turbo kit for your Honda converted Lotus, pushing power to figures starting from 400BHP!

Utilising the latest hybrid turbos, MSC have designed the package to fit into the back of the Lotus Elise/Exige without losing the boot! The conversion includes a charge cooler system with front mounted pre-radiator, charge cooler water pump and header tank as well as a barrel intercooler so to keep inlet temperatures at optimum level. We use a number of different Garrett turbos dependant on application, mounted to a custom exhaust manifold with a Turbosmart wastegate.

The original fuel pump is removed and then upgraded to cope with the additional power, as well as the injectors are replaced for larger capacity units. Additional heat shielding is used to keep engine bay temperatures under control.

The whole system is controlled running through the Hondata ECU as used in your original Honda conversion, the car is then mapped on the rolling road. Power figures start from 400 BHP+.

Our demonstrator car is nearing completion, which will be running 550BHP at the wheels.

For more information and to discuss your requirements and specification, please do not hesitate to contact us.