Lotus Honda Engine Conversion

As the countries leading Lotus Honda conversion specialist, we provide not only the best quality Honda Elise conversion in the market. Having completed over 280 Honda conversions to date, our Lotus Honda conversion has been adapted to fit all models of Lotus Elise, Lotus Exige, Lotus 340R and Lotus 2-Eleven.

In normally aspirated form, we have developed an engine that will rev to 8600 RPM and produce just under 240 BHP as standard. This conversion has been tried and tested in both road, track and race cars worldwide.

From the base installation, we can then upgrade components dependant on required specification. To improve induction, we fit uprated inlet manifolds and a bigger throttle body. In terms of internal engine upgrades, we range from fitting our own designed steel billet camshafts, to fully built engines with new pistons and rods. There are too many options to list!

If you wish to discuss Honda conversion requirements further, our customer care team are on hand to assist you where possible. For more information, please Contact Us

What do you get in the Normal Aspirated Lotus Honda Conversion?

  • Honda Civic Type R K20 Engine & 6 Speed Gearbox
  • Laser Cut & Powder Coated Engine & Gearbox Mounts, Steady Bars & Support Brackets.
  • New Driveshaft Assemblies
  • Baffled Sump
  • Stainless Steel Tubular Exhaust Manifold with Tuned Lengths
  • 200 Cell Sports CAT
  • 2 Gear Cables
  • Adjustable Quality Gear Linkage Assembly
  • Sub Engine Wiring Loom Honda to Elise
  • Coolant Header Tank
  • Silicone Coolant Hoses Available in Either Black or Red
  • Braided Fuel Hoses & Fuel Regulator
  • Engine & Gearbox Rubber Mounts
  • Honda ECU with remapped Hondata K100
  • Alloy Anodized "6-Speed" Gear Knob
  • 12 Month Road Use Warranty
  • Peace of Mind
Description Price
Lotus Elise S1 Honda Conversion £14,070
Lotus Elise S2 Honda Conversion [Rover K Series] £14,070
Lotus Exige S1 Honda Conversion  POA
Lotus 340R Honda Conversion  POA
Lotus Elise S2 Honda Conversion [Toyota]  POA
Lotus Exige S2 Honda Conversion POA
Lotus 2-Eleven Honda Conversion POA

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

For more details on the ultimate Elise upgrade, please visit www.hondaelise.com