Lotus M100 Elan Servicing

Launched in 1989, Lotus resurrected the Elan name after not using it for 14 years. The car is unique in the fact that it remains the only Lotus to ever be fitted with front wheel drive, and we would argue it is probably one of the best handling front wheel drive cars ever made. 

As a official Lotus service centre, our dedicated Lotus service team have access to genuine parts, full diagnostics and factory support. Our customer care team are on hand to take bookings and offer support, so for more information, please Contact Us.

Service Schedule

Service Type A B A B A + C B A B A B + C + TB
Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Miles 6,000 12,000 18,000 24,000 30,000 36,000 42,000 48,000 54,000 60,000


Model A Service B Service C Service
Lotus M100 Elan £185 £340 £415
Optional Extras Price
MOT Test £54.85
Lotus Elan M100 Timing Belt & Fuel Filter Replacement £580

All prices include parts, labour and VAT.

What’s included in a Lotus M100 Elan service?

Service Item A Service B Service C Service
Fit covers to seats, footwells, steering wheel and front wings x x  
Renew engine oil and filter x x  
Inspect engine & transmission for oil leaks x x  
Check transmission oil   x  
Check PAS fluid level   x  
Renew transmission oil     x
Renew PAS fluid     x
Renew air cleaner element     x
Check coolant level & anti-freeze concentration x x  
Renew coolant     x
Check cooling system hoses & connections at pressure   x  
Inspect radiator, oil cooler, chargecooler & pipework for damage or leaks. Clean all radiator finning   x  
Renew spark plugs     x
Replace timing belt     60,000 / 5 Years
Check 'V' belt condition & tension     x
Check CO level (cars without catalyst)   x  
Inspect fuel pipes & connections with engine running x x  
Renew fuel filter     60,000 / 5 Years
Inspect exhaust system & connections, engine running   x  
Check brake fluid level x x  
Renew brake fluid   x  
Inspect brake hoses and pipes x x  
Inspect brake pad thickness x x  
Check parking brake adjustment x x  
Inspect operation of brake tell tales x x  
Check operation & cable adjustment x x  
Check security of steering column u/j clamps   x  
Inspect PAS pipes & hoses   x  
Inspect steering ball joints & gaiters   x  
Inspect condition of all suspension bushes   x  
Check security of front & rear suspension x x  
Inspect dampers for leaks & performance   x  
Inspect front wheel bearings for play   x  
Check rear wheel bearings   x  
Inspect front & rear wheel geometry   x  
Inspect condition of driveshaft gaiters x x  
Inspect tyre condition & set pressures (inc spare) x x  
Check wheel balance     x
Check wheel nut torque x x  
Inspect battery hydrometer (built in)   x  
Check battery terminals for security & condition   x  
Inspect operation of all lights x x  
Check headlamp alignment x x  
Inspect operation of all electrical equipment x x  
Check adjustment of all latches and hinges   x  
Inspect operation of COL system x x  
Inspect operation & condition of seat belts x x  
Inspect operation & condition of heater / air conditioning   x  
Top up screenwash resevoir x x  
Inspect polyester coating for damage   x