Lotus Engine Upgrades (Toyota ZZ)

There are plenty of ways to improve the power output of your Toyota powered Elise without spending mega money. From air boxes and exhausts to programmable ECU's, we offer the perfect solutions for your Lotus Elise/Exige.

Induction & Exhaust

There are a number of intake kits you can fit to your S2 Elise/Exige.

Option 1 is using a TRD intake and air filter. This air box was developed by Toyota Racing to provide improved flow to the Elise/Exige inlet, and was a factory option when buying an Elise or Exige S2.  Option 2. is to fit a Cold Air Induction Kit. This provides a much greater flow of air, giving between 7-10BHP.

Through years of experience, Maidstone Sports Cars now offer a complete exhaust solution for your Elise/Exige. Our stainless-steel systems have been thoroughly tested to ensure quality and performance are the same.

Description Elise S2/Exige S2
Toyota Racing Developments (TRD) Air Box Kit From £230
Cold Air Induction Kit From £540
4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold From £1010
Sports CAT From £650
Sports Exhaust From £690

All prices include parts, labour & VAT.

ECU Upgrades

The Toyota 2ZZ engine features a Variable Valve Timing and Lift intelligent system, or VVLT-i for short. Maidstone Sports Cars now offer an ECU re-flash for the Lotus Elise 111R that lowers the cam change point from 6,200rpm down to 5,700rpm, putting you into the power band a lot quicker.

If you are looking for total customisation, we now supply and fit the EP Tuning programmable ECU for the Toyota engine. This allows for full control of the engine, as well as allowing for larger throttle bodies, adding turbos, whilst still keeping all standard electrical and heating controls (will need rolling road setup).

Description Price
Lotus Elise 111R ECU Reflash £235
EP Tuning Programmable Toyota ECU From £1850
Rolling Road Charge From £225

All prices include parts, labour & VAT.