Induction Kits

There are a number of Lotus Induction Kits you can fit to your Lotus Elise or Lotus Exige.

If you want to keep an original style specification, we fit the TRD air box and filter. This air box was developed by Toyota Racing to provide improved flow by using a substantially larger filtration area along with a 30% increase in the air inlet induction port. It is an ideal upgrade for any Supercharged Exige but will also fit any S2 or S3 Lotus Elise. This is a Sports Filter system and as it improves the flow it will also increase induction sound.

If you want to push further power and noise, the ITG Maxogen induction kit is perfect. These incredibly well designed kits can increase power figures by around 9%, and made from carbon fibre provides a lightweight but stylish feature to the engine bay.