The Porsche Cayman has become one of the most popular sports cars on the road today. Maidstone Sports Cars have years of experience with the Porsche Cayman range, and we cater to all models with our latest diagnostic equipment in our brand-new service & MOT centre, using only genuine parts and factory service schedules.

Porsche Cayman 981 (2012 - 2016) A Service B Service
Porsche Cayman [3.4]   £390 £595
Porsche Cayman [2.7]   £390 £595
Porsche Cayman 987 (2005 - 2012) A Service B Service
Porsche Cayman S [3.4]  £355 £540
Porsche Cayman S [3.2] £330 £540
Porsche Cayman [2.9]  £355 £540
Porsche Cayman [2.7] £330 £540
Optional Extras Price
MOT Test £580
Coolant Change £60
Porsche Cayman Manual Gearbox Oil Change (Required every 12 years/120,000 miles) £135
Porsche Cayman Automatic Gearbox Oil Change (Required every 6 years)  £440
Porsche Cayman PDK Oil Change (Required every 6 years)  £390

All prices include parts, labour and VAT.

What’s included in a Porsche Cayman service?

Service Item A Service B Service
Fit covers to seats, footwells, steering wheel and rear body x x
Renew engine oil and filter x x
Inspect engine & transmission for oil leaks x x
Inspect PAS fluid level x x
Inspect air cleaner element x x
Inspect integrity of fuel system x x
Inspect for fault codes / service reset x x
Inspect poly rib belt condition x x
Renew poly rib belt   x
Renew air cleaner element   x
Renew spark plugs   x
Renew fuel filter (early models)   x
Inspect engine water coolant & oil cooler hoses/pipework systems for damage or leaks x x
Check engine water coolant level x x
Inspect parking brake adjustment x x
Inspect brake pad thickness & disc condition x x
Inspect brake hoses, pipes & hydraulic units x x
Check brake/clutch fluid level x x
Renew brake/clutch fluid   x
Check security and condition of front & rear suspension x x
Check torque of rear toe link inboard fixings x x
Inspect dampers for leaks and performance x x
Where applicable: Check security of damper reservoirs, check adjuster settings, lubricate adjusters and spring platforms x x
Inspect front and rear wheel bearings for play x x
Inspect condition of drive shaft gaiters x x
Inspect steering ball joints and gaiters x x
Inspect free play at steering wheel x x
Inspect tyre condition and set pressures x x
Check battery & terminals for security & condition x x
Inspect operation of all lights x x
Renew pollen filter x x
Inspect adjustment of hinges and latches x x
Inspect operation & condition of seat belts x x
Lift footwell mats, clean & dry floor x x
Inspect wiper operation & top up windscreen washer reservoir x x
Renew alarm transmitter batteries x x