As an experienced MG specialist with extensive knowledge of all things MG, Maidstone Sports Cars provide the discerning MG X Power SV & MG SV-R owner the standard and quality of work these unique cars deserve.

In our Service & MOT Centre, using XPOWER diagnostic equipment Maidstone Sports Cars offer the MG SV owner full menu pricing on all service work. For an annual service, we recommend a B Service or higher.

Service Schedule

Service Type A A B A A C A A B
Years     1     2     3
Miles 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000 45000


Model A Service B Service C Service
MG XPOWER SV-R £315 £595 £945
MG XPOWER SV £315 £595 £945
Optional Extras Price
Coolant Change £60
Brake Fluid Change £60
MOT Test £54.85

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

What’s included in a MG XPOWER SV service?

Service Item A Service B Service C Service
Fit covers to seats, footwells, steering wheel and rear body x x x
Renew engine oil and filter x x x
Inspect engine & transmission for oil leaks x x x
Check transmission oil   x x
Renew transmission oil     x
Renew air cleaner element   x x
Renew spark plugs   x x
Inspect auxiliary belt condition x x x
Renew fuel filter     x
Inspect & record tailpipe CO x x x
Inspect radiator, hoses & pipework for damaged or leaks. Clean radiator finning x x x
Check engine water coolant level x x x
Renew engine coolant     x
Inspect parking brake adjustment x x x
Inspect operation of brake tell tales x x x
Inspect brake pad thickness & disc condition x x x
Inspect brake hoses, pipes & hydraulic units x x x
Check brake/clutch fluid level x x x
Renew brake/clutch fluid   x x
Check security and condition of front & rear suspension, including free articulation of rear toe link ball joints x x x
Check torque of rear lower wishbone forward pivot brackets x x x
Inspect dampers for leaks and performance x x x
Inspect front and rear wheel bearings for play x x x
Inspect condition of drive shaft gaiters x x x
Inspect steering ball joints and gaiters x x x
Inspect free play at steering wheel x x x
Inspect tyre condition and set pressures x x x
Check battery & terminals for security & condition x x x
Inspect operation of all lights x x x
Inspect operation of all electrical equipment x x x
Inspect adjustment of hinges and latches x x x
Lubricate door release buttons x x x
Inspect operation & condition of seat belts x x x
Lift footwell mats, clean & dry floor x x x
Inspect wiper operation & top up windscreen washer reservoir x x x
Renew alarm transmitter batteries x x x