The MG RV8 was an attempt to resurrect the MG name before the arrival of the MGF. With British motor Heritage producing new MGB body shells, it was decided to introduce a modern version of the MGB if production had continued. By fitting the 3.9 lt Rover V8 and 5 speed gearbox into an MGB MG finally produced the car it should have 20 years before. The RV8 is a stylish upgrade of the MGB with better suspension and brakes and a quality interior. The RV8 was hand built to a high standard and gives you the look of classic motoring but with modern internals. A true retro classic.

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Model Interim Service Full Service
MG RV8 £380 £1025
Optional Extras Price
MOT Test £54.85

All prices include parts, labour and VAT.

Whats included in an RV8 service?

Service Item Interim Service Full Service
Fit covers to seats, foot wells, steering wheel and front of body x x
Renew engine oil and filter x x
Inspect engine & transmission for oil leaks x x
Check transmission oil x x
Renew transmission oil   x
Renew differential oil   x
Renew spark plugs x x
Lubricate distributor  x x
Inspect auxiliary belt condition x x
Clean & re-oil air filter    x
Clean plenum chamber ventilation passage (RV8)   x
Inspect radiator, hoses & pipework for damage or leaks. Clean radiator fins x x
Check engine water coolant level x x
Renew engine coolant   x
Inspect parking brake adjustment x x
Inspect operation of brake tell tales x x
Inspect brake pad thickness & disc condition x x
Inspect brake hoses, pipes & hydraulic units x x
Check brake/clutch fluid level x x
Renew brake/clutch fluid   x
Check brake booster vacuum hoses & valve    
Check security and condition of front & rear suspension x x
Lubricate all grease nipples x x
Inspect dampers for leaks and performance x x
Inspect front and rear wheel bearings for play x x
Inspect steering ball joints and gaiters x x
Inspect free play at steering wheel x x
Lubricate steering rack and pinion x x
Inspect tyre condition and set pressures x x
Check battery & terminals for security & condition x x
Inspect operation of all lights x x
Inspect operation of all electrical equipment x x
Check exhaust gas sensor   x
Inspect adjustment of hinges and latches x x
Lubricate door locks and hinges x x
Inspect operation & condition of seat belts x x
Inspect wiper operation & top up windscreen washer reservoir x x