MG XPower SV Servicing

MG XPower SV Servicing

As an experienced MG specialist with extensive knowledge of all things MG, Maidstone Sports Cars can now provide the discerning MG XPower SV & MG SV-R owner the standard and quality of work these great cars deserve.

With full workshop facilities, including XPower diagnostic equipment, Maidstone Sports Cars offer the MG SV owner full menu pricing on all service work.

We have the ability to maintain your SV in first class condition and keep it on the road for years to come.

We are true MG SV/R enthusiasts and can offer the MG SV & MG SVR owner not only our extensive service and repair facilities but access to our new range of upgrade options.

Model A Service B Service C Service
MG XPower SV £240 £320 £430
MG XPower SV-R £240 £320 £430

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

Optional Extras

Model Price
Coolant Change £80
Brake Fluid Change £60
MOT Test £54.85

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

Service Intervals

Service Type A A B A A C A A B
Miles x1000 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
Years 1 2 3

Service Schedules

Service Item A B C
Replace Alarm Handset Batteries 2 Yrs
Check Handbrake Operation And Adjust If Necessary. x x
Check Lamps, Horns And System Warning Indicators x x x
Check Screen For Damage And Operation Of Wipers And Washers x x
Check Seatbelt Operation, Seatbelts And Airbag Module Covers For Damage. x x
Check Air Conditioning System Operation x x
Replace Air Intake Pollen Filter 2/30 x
Lubricate Locks, Strikers, Latches Door Hinges And Door Checks x x
Check / Top Up Brake, Clutch, Power Steering And Screen Washer Fluid Levels x x
Check Hoses/Connections For Leakage From Pressure Test Cooling System x x
Check Anti-Freeze Content x x
Inspect Air Conditioning System Hoses x x
Check Auxiliary Drive Belts, Tension And Condition x x
Replace Spark Plugs 6/90
Replace PCV Valve 6/90
Check Condition Of Engine Mountings, Hydraulic Mountings 2/30
Check Torque Of Accessible Engine Mounting Fixings 4/60
Check ECU With Engine Management Software x x x
Reset Service Interval Indicator x x x
Replace Anti-Freeze Using Vacuum Fill Process 4/60
Replace Manual Gearbox Oil 8/120
Replace Automatic Gearbox Oil 7/105
Replace Engine Oil And Filter x x x
Replace Rear Differential Oil 10/150
Replace Air Cleaner Element 2/30
Check Wheel Bearings, Drive Shafts And Gaiters x x
Check Wheels For Damage x x
Check Tyres For Damage x x
Check Front/Rear Brake Pads, Discs, Callipers, Hoses And Pipes For Damage x x
Check Parking Brake Linings x x
Check For Leaks From Fuel, Clutch, Transmission, And Engine x x
Inspect Exhaust System And Heat Shields x x
Inspect Suspension And Steering Systems For Leaks x x
Replace Brake Fluid - CHARGED SEPARATELY 2/30
Apply Anti-Seize Compound To Wheel Hub x x
Check Battery Connections x x
Check Battery Vent Hose For Correct Routing And Obstructions x x
Check Tyre Pressures x x x
Check I.T.R (Instant Tyre Repair) x x x
Annual Corrosion/Cosmetic Inspection x x
Carry Out Road Test x x