Lotus Accident Management

Lotus Accident Management

Had an Accident? Not Your Fault?

Let Us Take The Strain Out Of Your Insurance Claim - At No Cost To You.

In order to recover all costs involved concerning repairs to your vehicle we work hand in hand with a team of specialist claims handlers.

Whether you are insured fully comprehensively or on a third party basis the process of pursuing a claim can be complex, time consuming and stressful.

Working with our team will take the strain out of your insurance claim and of course we will act independently on your behalf at no cost to you.

Is this service only for Lotus cars?

No, our bodyshop is able to repair all makes and models to the highest standards. The same processes apply in dealing with your claim.

How can MSC help me in the event of my involvement in an accident that was not my fault?

If you are involved in a motor accident that was not your fault, it is the other driver's responsibility to make good all your losses. MSC and our team of specialist claim handlers will deal fully with your claim and provide you with a replacement hire vehicle similar to your own whilst your vehicle is undergoing repairs.

What is this service going to cost me?

Absolutely nothing! You should appreciate that we will require accurate and true information about the accident from the outset.

What benefit is it to me if I choose to use this scheme, if I am insured on a fully comprehensive basis?

By using our scheme your no claims bonus will be fully protected, as you will not be making a claim on your insurance policy. Also, if you have a policy excess, you will not need to pay this on the repairs carried out.

In short our team of specialists will provide you with all of these benefits and more, whether you are insure'1 fully comprehensively or on a third party basis.

For further details please contact a member of staff.