Modern Sports Car Servicing

Modern Sports Car Servicing

Maidstone Sports Cars provides routine servicing for modern sports cars from the Lotus, MG and Porsche stables.

As Elise and Exige specialists, we use the servicing routines, techniques and tools specified by Lotus Cars to ensure that owners get the very best from their vehicles. We have geometry specifications for all Lotus vehicles - from factory standard to track day and more aggressive race car settings - with 'before' and 'after' specifications provided free of charge as standard.

Using the latest Lotus scan tool we are able to carry out full diagnostics on the Lotus Elise /Exige range of cars. This allows us to read the vehicles fault codes, analyse the data pinpoint and sort the fault.

Head gasket replacement for the Rover K-Series as fitted into the MGF/TF and Lotus Elise is a speciality and using the latest gaskets and techniques we can ensure that our solution is not just a quick fix but a permanent solution to a known problem.

This service is competitively priced (see pricing menu)

When it comes to modern MGs, the computerised engine management systems on these cars facilitate fault diagnosis. With the car's ECU connected to our Rover T4 Testbook, the computer is able to read the vehicle's log of events, analyse the data and pinpoint the fault.

T4 also allows us to reprogram ECU's reset alarms and program key fobs.

This eliminates hours of 'trial and error' diagnosis and ultimately saves time, which is then reflected in the client's bill.

Porsche servicing carried out by skilled technicians to the highest standards.

Our service team are able to carry out all aspects of work on all Porsche models from scheduled servicing to diagnostics and major rebuilds.

From 356 to 996, we offer the complete solution for all your Porsche needs

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