Triumph Servicing

Triumph Servicing

At Maidstone Sports Cars, our classic TR servicing gives your Triumph that renewed feel, making it a joy to drive, as it did when it left the factory.

Model Service
TR2 / TR3 / TR4
TR5 / TR6

All prices include VAT, parts & labour

TR2 / TR3 / TR4 Service Schedule (Annual)

Service Item Included In Service
Top up carburettor piston dampers x
Clean carburettor suction chambers & pistons x
Lubricate carburettor controls x
Check & adjust valve rocker clearances x
Drain, flush out & refill radiator x
Check fan belt tension x
Clean & re-oil air cleaner elements x
Top up level of fluid in hydraulic clutch supply tank x
Check free pedal movement x
Check & adjust brakes x
Inspect brake lines & pipes x
Top up brake fluid x
Inspect disc brake friction pads x
Clean brake linings and drums x
Lubricate door locks & hinges x
Check advance & retard mechanism x
Lubricate distributor x
Check & adjust distributor contact points x
Fit new spark plugs x
Check & adjust wheel alignment x
Tighten rear road spring seat bolts x
Check & top up battery fluid level x
Lubricate dynamo bearing x
Check all light x
Change oils in engine, gearbox & rear axle x
Fit new oil filter x
Lubricate all grease nipples x
Lubricate steering rack & pinion x
Change road wheels round diagonally x
Check tyre pressures x
Clean overdrive filters x

TR5 / TR6 Service Schedule (Annual)

Service Item Included In Service
Drain & refill engine oil x
Replace oil filter x
Check & adjust valve clearances x
Check & adjust idle speed x
Check & adjust brakes x
Check brake lines & pipes x
Check wheel alignment x
Check wheel nut tightness x
Lubricate door hinges & locks x
Lubricate handbrake cable x
Fit new spark plugs x
Clean & lubricate distributor x
Replace air filter x
Check & tighten bolts securing water pump, alternator & pulleys x
Drain & refill gearbox & rear axle oil x
Replace fuel filter x
Grease all nipples x