Classic MG Servicing

Classic MG Servicing

Here at Maidstone Sports Cars, Classic MG has always been our passion. For over 30 years we have been servicing this classic British marque to the highest of standards. Our classic MG servicing team are well versed in all MG's from pre-war to modern.

Our comprehensive MG servicing schedule will help keep your classic MG in first class condition and on the road for years to come.

Model Service
MGA £465
MGB £485
MGB V8 / RV8 £510
MG Midget £390
MGC £510
MG TC £530
MG TD £530
MG TF £530
MG 'T-Type' Optional Extras Price
To remove sump Clean internal filter and refit and refill with oil.

All prices included parts, labour & VAT.

MGA / MGB / MGC / MG Midget Service Schedule (Annual)

Service Item Included In Service
Top up carburettor piston dampers x
Clean carburettor suction chambers & pistons x
Lubricate carburettor controls x
Check & adjust valve rocker clearances x
Drain, flush out & refill radiator x
Check fan belt tension x
Clean & re-oil air cleaner elements x
Top up level of fluid in hydraulic clutch supply tank x
Check free pedal movement x
Check & adjust brakes x
Inspect brake lines & pipes x
Top up brake fluid x
Inspect disc brake friction pads x
Clean brake linings and drums x
Lubricate door locks & hinges x
Check advance & retard mechanism x
Lubricate distributor x
Check & adjust distributor contact points x
Fit new spark plugs x
Check & adjust wheel alignment x
Tighten rear road spring seat bolts x
Check & top up battery fluid level x
Lubricate dynamo bearing x
Check all light x
Change oils in engine, gearbox & rear axle x
Fit new oil filter x
Lubricate all grease nipples x
Lubricate steering rack & pinion x
Change road wheels round diagonally x
Check tyre pressures x
Clean overdrive filters (MGB, MGC) x

MGB V8 / RV8 Service Schedule (Annual)

Service Item Included In Service
Check condition of seatbelts, mountings, inertia reel etc. x
Check operation of all lamps & warming indicators x
Check operation of wipers, washers and wiper blades x
Check operation of hand brake & adjust if required x
Check & adjust headlamp & auxiliary lamp alignments x
Check tyres cuts, uneven wear, tread depth & pressures x
Renew fuel filter x
Inspect brake pads for wear, callipers and discs x
Check front wheel alignment x
Lubricate bonnet catch & door catches x
Change engine coolant (anti-freeze Ethylene glycol based) x
Lubricate distributor rotor spindle x
Renew Spark plugs x
Clean & re-oil air filter x
Clean plenum chamber ventilation passage (RV8) x
Check condition of drive belts x
Check & top up clutch fluid reservoir x
Check & top up brake fluid reservoir x
Change brake & clutch fluids x
Check & top up windscreen washer reservoir x
Lubricate accelerator linkages x
Check & adjust ignition timing x
Check fuel lines (leaks & perished rubber connection s) x
Check exhaust gas sensor (RV8) x
Check vapour lines (RV8) x
Check brake booster vacuum hoses & valve (RV8) x
Remove battery connections clean, grease & refit x
Visually check radiator for external obstructions x
Renew engine oil & filter x
Renew gear box oil x
Renew rear axle oil x
Lubricate propeller shaft universal / sliding joints x
Check brake lines & pipes x
Check exhaust system for leaks, security & damage x
Check & tighten steering unit x
Check shock absorbers x

MG TC / MG TD / MG TF Service Schedule (Annual)

Service Item Included in Service
Drain and refill oil in engine x
Drain & refill oil in gearbox & rear axle x
Lubricate & clean distributor x
Lubricate door hinges & locks x
Lubricate carburettor, handbrake and seat runners x
Refill dynamo lubricator cap with grease x
Clean & re-oil air cleaner element x
Check & adjust dynamo belt tension x
Replace oil filter x
Clean petrol pump points x
Check & adjust free pedal movement x
Fit new spark plugs x
Change wheels round diagonally to regularise tyre wear x
Check tyre pressures x
Check wheel alignment x
Grease all nipples x
Check valve tappet clearance x
Check dynamo & starter brushes x
Drain & flush radiator x
Check steering and suspension for wear x
Grease the revolution indicator drive gearbox x
Top up brake fluid x
Top up battery x
Replaice oil in front & rear dampers x