Classic Lotus Servicing

Classic Lotus Servicing

Maidstone Sports Cars is well renown for their work with classic Lotus, and our servicing department has many years of Lotus servicing under their belts. Lotus Elan, Esprit & Excel servicing is all undertook by experienced factory trained technicians to ensure excellence in our work.

Model A Service B Service C Service
Elan & Elan + 2 £160 £260 £560
Esprit 4 Cyl £240 £425 £865
Esprit 4 Cyl Turbo £360 £490 £1185
Excel £240 £425 £865
Optional Extras Price
Coolant Change £60
Brake Fluid Change £60
MOT Test £54.85
Geometry Setup From £140

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

We recommend that you service your classic Lotus annually to ensure optimum running.

Classic Lotus Service Schedule (Annual)?

Service Item A Service B Service C Service
Renew Engine Oil & Filter x x x
Inspect Engine & Transmission For Leaks x x x
Check Transmission Oil Level x x x
Renew Air Filter
x x
Renew Spark Plugs
x x
Inspect Auxiliary Drive Belt Condition
x x
Renew Cam Belt

Renew Fuel Filter

Inspect & Record Tailpipe CO x x x
Inspect Cooling System For Damage & Leaks, Clean Radiator Fins x x x
Check Coolant Level x x x
Inspect Handbrake Adjustment x x x
Inspect Operation of Brakes & Warning Lights x x x
Inspect Brake Pad Thickness & Disk Condition x x x
Inspect Brake Hoses, Pipes & Hydraulics x x x
Check Brake Fluid Level x x x
Check Condition of Front & Rear Suspension x x x
Inspect Dampers For Leaks & Performance x x x
Inspect Front & Rear Wheel Bearings For Play x x x
Inspect Condition of Driveshaft Gaiters x x x
Check Steering Ball Joints & Gaiters x x x
Inspect Steering Wheel Free Play x x x
Inspect Tyre Condition & Set Pressures x x x
Check Battery Terminal Condition x x x
Inspect Operation of All Lights x x x
Inspect Operation of All Electrical Equipment x x x
Check Adjustment of Hinges/Latches, Lubricate Door Check Plate x x x
Inspect Operation & Condition of Seat Belts x x x
Top Up Screen Wash x x x

(Please Note: Some of These Are Not Applicable To All Models)