Performance Enhancements For Modern Lotus

Performance Enhancements For Modern Lotus

As an independent Lotus specialist, Maidstone Sports Cars has the expertise to get the very best from the Lotus range, be it Elise, Exige, 340R or 211.


We fit a large range of brake upgrades to the Lotus range, from a simple pad upgrade to the MSC full race specification AP Racing 4 Pot Calipers & Large Vented Disc combination. These have been tried and tested in both sprint & endurance racing.


To get the best performance out of your Lotus through the corners, be it road or track, Our Nitron suspension package has been race & track proven and provides the ultimate solution.

Rover K-Series & Toyota Tuning

For the K-Series & Toyota powered Lotus's, Maidstone Sports Cars can perform various tuning and power development enhancements, such as uprated cams, new engine maps and tubular exhaust manifolds. We also offer full engine rebuilds with rods and pistons to give you the edge on track. All of our engine enhancements have been thoroughly tested to make sure that the reliability of your engine remains.


Here at MSC, we are able to provide various aerodynamic enhancements for your Lotus Elise/Exige. We can fabricate our own carbon fiber wings, splitters, diffusers and other custom body panels to order. We can produce the Lotus Exige S1 lightweight panel set including front and rear clams, roof and engine cover etc. to make the ultimate lightweight racer. The Elise S1 lightweight hard top roof is also available. All of our products can be made to fall into regulation within any race series, and we can provide you with the best solution into getting ultimate aerodynamic performance from your Lotus.

Lotus Honda Engine Conversions

As the leading Honda engine conversion specialist in the UK, our HondaElise Kit is known around the world for its performance and reliability. Our conversion has featured in a number of race series, including Lotus Elise Trophy, Silverstone 24hr & Britcar. We will race our latest updated version of the conversion at Lotus Cup UK this year. The standard normally aspirated HondaElise conversion; you can expect to see power levels of 220BHP upwards! Add in factors such as a supercharger and uprated rods and pistons and you can see over 350BHP!!! For more information on the Honda Engine Conversion, please see Lotus Honda Engine Conversions or visit