Lotus Honda Engine Conversion Extras

Lotus Honda Engine Conversion Extras


If you find that you have got used to the power and excitement of the Normal Aspirated Honda Elise, we have even more to offer! We use a Jackson Racing DC5 manifold with a Rootes type charger, we then fit larger Siemans injectors to deliver the extra fuel together with a high capacity fuel pump, different regulator and swirl pot. Having spent many hours on the dyno, we found changing the design of the exhaust from the one on the Normal Aspirated Kit to a 4 into 1 design increasing the Lotus Honda performance to 310bhp and 200ftlb of torque.

Charge Cooled

The Charge Cooled Kit is the next stage to go to if you really want to put your Honda powered Elise driving skills to test! We give your supercharged Honda Elise a new alloy charge cooler radiator with new cooling fans which fits under the existing radiator. We run new coolant pipes through the sills in to the engine bay, remove the super charger and fit a heat exchanger between the charger and the inlet manifold and then add a new water pump and electrical ancillaries. When it's all back together we re-map your ECU and dyno test to get the optimum performance out of your new engine spec and when fitted with our billet camshafts 380bhp is attainable!

Please note it is essential that your engine internals are uprated to suit the increase in engine power. Any engine failures resulting from charge cooling your engine are not covered by the Maidstone Sports Cars & HondaElise warranty.

Camshaft Upgrade

Fitting the MSC steel billet A3 camshafts and Eibach valve springs to either the normally aspirated or supercharged Honda K20a2 engine will increase the engine power by approx 20bhp (it is essential that the timming chain and tensioner is changed at the same time).

Supplied & Fitted Price
Supercharger Upgrade
Charge Cooler Upgrade £3,995
Camshaft Upgrade £1,800

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

Optional Extras are available, please see http://www.hondaelise.com/conversion-parts/optional-extras.html

Please note that when increasing the power of the engine to these levels, it is imperative that the suspension and brakes are upgraded to match the cars new found Lotus Honda performance.

We provide a full suspension and brake upgrade service

If you are interested in experiencing the power of the Maidstone Sports Cars Honda Elise demonstrator vehicle, kitted out with all of the extras available, please give us a call


Want to make your Honda engine look that extra special? We now offer a Cam Cover painting service! With our paint shop facilities, your Honda Elise engine can look as good as it feels & sounds! No design is too much or too simple!

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