Performance enhancements for classic Triumph models

Performance enhancements for classic Triumph models

As a member of the Triumph recognised service scheme, Maidstone Sports Cars is dedicated to the preservation of classic Triumphs from TR2 to TR6.

As approved fitting agents for Revington TR we can supply and fit their entire range of products to further enhance your driving experience.

As with all classic sports cars, simple modifications - such as our stage 2 heads, camshaft and free-flow manifolds and exhausts - can transform performance and thereby the quality of the driving experience.

Chassis rigidity in Triumphs is very important to the handling and we can fit strengthening kits as necessary.

Handling can also be greatly improved by new polyurethane suspension bushes and uprated springs and dampers. Engines can be rebuilt to any specification, suspension and braking systems overhauled and upgraded and gearbox, overdrive and axles rebuilt.

We also carry out five-speed gearbox conversions and specialise in fuel injection systems, uprating TR5's orTR6 models using a Bosch fuel pump and unleaded metering unit.

Our experience with classic Triumphs is extensive - previous restoration projects include a TR2 from ground up to Concourse standard and a TR3A from boxes of parts to concourse standard and then to successful participation and completion in the Monte Carlo and various other European rallies.