Performance Upgrades For Classic Cars

Performance Upgrades For Classic Cars

Investing in performance enhancements for your classic sports cars, can dramatically increase reliability, safety and - best of all - driving enjoyment. Of course, improving reliability means more time on the road to experience the thrills and spills of classic sports car ownership -whether that's for the daily commute, European touring or circuit days.

Today's owners can combine classic sports car lines with improved suspension and braking systems, fuel injection, engine and gearbox conversions and all the features they have come to expect in modern vehicles such as central locking, alarms, tracking systems and power steering.

Offering engine tuning, diagnostics and suspension set-up services, we have all the facilities required to achieve the optimum performance for your car.

Let our experts introduce subtle, safety-enhancing improvements that transform the handling - such as polyurethane wishbone bushes, stiffer anti-roll bars and modern shock absorbers. Braking can be improved using 4-pot callipers, better compound brake pads and shoes and stainless steel brake hoses while still preserving the integrity of the marque.

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