Classic Triumph Servicing

Specialising in the Triumph TR range of cars, Maidstone Sports Cars have been the South East’s leading specialist for over 20 years.

With vast experience with both the carburettor and fuel injected engines, we are able to offer comprehensive servicing and tuning for the Triumph TR2, Triumph TR3, Triumph TR4, Triumph TR5 & Triumph TR6.

As a recommended TR Register Independent Specialist, our enthusiastic staff are on hand to restore the driving experience of your classic Triumph TR, as it did when it left the factory.

When it comes to the dreaded TR5 & TR6 PI system, we are well versed in all of its issues and quirks, meaning we are able to offer injection system repairs and restorations at reasonable costs.

Model Service
TR2 / TR3 / TR4 £490
TR5 / TR6 £510
Optional Extras Price
Coolant Change £60
Brake Fluid Change £60
MOT Test £54.85

All prices include labour, parts and VAT.

Service Schedule

Triumph TR2 / Triumph TR3 / Triumph TR4

Service Item Included in Service
Top up carburettor piston dampers x
Clean carburettor suction chambers & pistons x
Lubricate carburettor controls x
Check & adjust valve rocker clearances x
Drain, flush out & refill radiator x
Check fan belt tension x
Clean & re-oil air cleaner elements x
Top up level of fluid in hydraulic clutch supply tank x
Check free pedal movement x
Check & adjust brakes x
Inspect brake lines & pipes x
Top up brake fluid x
Inspect disc brake friction pads x
Clean brake linings and drums x
Lubricate door locks & hinges x
Check advance & retard mechanism x
Lubricate distributor x
Check & adjust distributor contact points x
Fit new spark plugs x
Check & adjust wheel alignment x
Tighten rear road spring seat bolts x
Check & top up battery fluid level x
Lubricate dynamo bearing x
Check all light x
Change oils in engine, gearbox & rear axle x
Fit new oil filter x
Lubricate all grease nipples x
Lubricate steering rack & pinion x
Change road wheels round diagonally x
Check tyre pressures x
Clean overdrive filters x

Triumph TR5 / Triumph TR6

Service Item Included in Service
Check/top up all oils & fluids x
Check/top up battery levels x
Replace engine oil and oil filter x
Empty and clean fuel sediment bowl x
Clean and lubricate distributor x
Replace distributor points x
Check/adjust ignition timing x
Replace spark plugs x
Replace air filter x
Check/adjust drive belt tension x
Check/adjust carburettor settings x
Replace fuel filter x
Check fuel system for leaks x
Lubricate accelerator linkage x
Check battery condition x
Check/report for oil/fuel/fluid leaks x
Lubricate water pump x
Replace gearbox, overdrive & differential oils x
Lubricate all grease points x
Lubricate steering rack & pinion x
Lubricate handbrake linkage and cable guides x
Check visually brake, fuel & clutch pipes, hoses and unions for chafing, leaks and corrosion x
Check/report exhaust system for leakage and security x
Check security of suspension fixings, tie-rod levers, steering unit attachments and steering universal joint coupling bolts x
Check security of propeller shaft and drive shaft universal coupling bolts x
Check security of sub frame or body mountings x
Inspect brake pads for wear, and discs for condition x
Inspect and report brake linings for wear and drums for condition x
Check/adjust headlight adjustment x
Lubricate all locks, hinges, strikers and bonnet release x