Classic Austin Healey Servicing

With a passion for classic British sports cars, we provide a reliable, quality and knowledgeable service in our classic car servicing department for one of the most prestigious of British marques, the Austin Healey.

We offer set price servicing for your classic Austin Healey and with over 30 years of Healey experience, we can help you to maintain the everlasting driving pleasure of an Austin Healey.

Model Service
Austin Healey 3000 £530
Austin Healey 100/6 £530

All prices inclusive of VAT, parts & labour

Service Schedule

Austin Healey 3000 / 100/6

Service Item Included in Service
Check/top up all oils & fluids x
Check/top up battery levels x
Replace engine oil and oil filter x
Empty and clean fuel sediment bowl x
Clean and lubricate distributor x
Replace distributor points x
Check/adjust ignition timing x
Replace spark plugs x
Replace air filter x
Check/adjust drive belt tension x
Check/adjust carburettor settings x
Replace fuel filter x
Check fuel system for leaks x
Lubricate accelerator linkage x
Check battery condition x
Check/report for oil/fuel/fluid leaks x
Lubricate water pump x
Replace gearbox, overdrive & differential oils x
Lubricate all grease points x
Lubricate steering rack & pinion x
Lubricate handbrake linkage and cable guides x
Check visually brake, fuel & clutch pipes, hoses and unions for chafing, leaks and corrosion x
Check/report exhaust system for leakage and security x
Check security of suspension fixings, tie-rod levers, steering unit attachments and steering universal joint coupling bolts x
Check security of propeller shaft and drive shaft universal coupling bolts x
Check security of sub frame or body mountings x
Inspect brake pads for wear, and discs for condition x
Inspect and report brake linings for wear and drums for condition x
Check/adjust headlight adjustment x
Lubricate all locks, hinges, strikers and bonnet release x