Classic Aston Martin Servicing

Aston Martin is possible the most iconic of British sports car marque. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have a particular passion for Aston Martin and our classic Aston Martin servicing department can take on any job to ensure your Aston is maintained to the correct standard and quality.

If you own a modern Aston Martin, please visit our Modern Aston Martin Servicing page.

Model Interim Service Full Service
Aston Martin DB4 / DB5 / DB6 £695 £995
Aston Martin DBS £695 £995
Aston Martin V8 £695 £995
Optional Extras Price
Coolant Change £60
Brake Fluid Change £60
MOT Test £54.85

All prices include labour, parts & VAT.

Service Schedule

Aston Martin DB4 / DB5 / DB6 / DBS / AMV8

Service Item Interim Service Full Service
Drain the cooling system, flush and refill with correct antifreeze x x
Check cooling system for levels and condition of hoses x x
Drain engine sump and refill with fresh oil x x
Renew the oil filter element x x
Lubricate the distributor and adjust the contact breaker points x x
Clean, reset and test the spark plugs x x
Change the fuel filter unit x x
Check the mixture settings x x
Adjust the drive belts and check condition x x
Adjust tension of timing chains x x
Adjust clutch push rod clearance (if applicable) x x
Lubricate prop shaft spline x x
Adjust king pin upper bearings x x
Check front suspension and steering components for wear x x
Top up rear shock absorber fluid x x
Lubricate all grease nipples x x
Check & adjust wheel alignment x x
Check condition of track rod and ball joint rubber gaiters x x
Check power steering hydraulic reservoir level x x
Top up brake and clutch fluid reservoirs x x
Check and adjust handbrake x x
Check foot brake and examine brakes for wear x x
Top up battery electrolyte level and check terminal security x x
Check wheel spokes and tighten if necessary x x
Check tyre pressure and tread condition x x
Balance road wheels x x
Replace spark plugs   x
Replace air filter   x
Clean the carburettor fuel strainers   x
Check all fuel pipe connections for leakage   x
Top up carburettor dash pot oil   x
Replace transmission fluid   x
Replace differential oil   x
Check condition and tightness of all rear suspension linkage bolts, including shock absorber and Watts linkage mounting bolts and bushes   x
Dismantle front hubs and re-pack with grease   x
Check all brake pipe connections for leaks. Inspect flexible brake hoses and all metal brake pipes   x
Check operation of lights, instruments and window lift motors   x