Gearbox & axle

Tired of hitting the rev limiter in 4th gear? MSC offer a 5 speed gearbox upgrade using the Ford type 9 gearbox.  This truly transforms the driving experience and allows a modern feel to your Fast Ford. Numerous gear ratios are available to suit every application, from road, race and rally. If you are looking for a pure race bred application, MSC now supply and fit the Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox. With even more ratio options, this is the must have for competition cars. Available in stick or paddle shift.

MSC offer a range of rear axle upgrades which includes fitting LSD’s,uprated drive shafts and a variety of ratio’s. We can also carry out rear axle casing reinforcement.


When uprating the engine cooling upgrades are essential.

MSC offers a range of aluminium radiators which offer superior coolings making boiling over a thing of the past especially if fitted with a thermostatically controlled  electric cooling fan

We also offer a full range of silicon hoses which can transform the under bonnet appearance especially when fitted with stainless steel jubilee clamps.   

(Table of base/guide prices)