Ford Escort Honda S2K engine & gearbox Conversion

MSC are the world’s leading Honda engine conversion specialists having fitted over 250 Honda Type R K20A2 engine and gearbox into the Lotus Elise range.

In the Ford Escort we can now fit the Honda Engine & 6 Speed Gearbox from the Honda S2K.The F20 engine is one of the most powerful normally aspirated engines ever made

Even in standard tune this 2.0lt  engine which revs to 9000rpm puts out 237BHP from stock!

When matched with the superb  6 speed Honda gearbox it provides the ultimate engine conversion for the Ford Escort.

We utilise the S2000 dashboard which gives you a full digital dash display which is one of only thing that show’s you’ve got something very special under the bonnet!

What do you get in the Normal Aspirated Escort Honda engine conversion?

  • Honda S2000 F20c2 237bhp Engine & 6 Speed Gearbox
  • Laser Cut & Powder Coated Engine & Gearbox Mounts, Steady Bars & Support Brackets.
  • Baffled Sump
  • Stainless Steel Tubular exhaust Manifold With Tuned Lengths
  • 200 Cell Sports CAT
  • Sub Engine Wiring Loom
  • Aluminium radiator and cooling fan
  • Silicone Coolant Hoses Available in Either Black or Red.
  • Uprated fuel pump and swirl pot
  • Braided Fuel Hoses & Fuel Regulator
  • Engine & Gearbox Rubber Mounts
  • Air filter kit.
  • Propshaft
  • Honda ECU with remapped Hondata K100
  • Digital dash
  • Alloy Anodized "6-Speed" Gear Knob
  • 12 Month Road Use Warranty
  • Peace Of Mind

Power upgrades.

The Honda F20 being is so tuneable and strong that major power increases are available with turboing being a popular option.

With the right turbo up to 650bhp can be attained!

Just how brave are you!


(Table of base/guide prices)