Maidstone Sports Cars

Maidstone Sports Cars

Established in 1987 by sports car enthusiast Andrew Marsh, Maidstone Sports Cars has over the years built a name for itself, through excellence of quality and service in the classic and modern sports car world.

Maidstone Sports Cars quickly began to establish their reputation for renowned quality and friendly service, and has carried on expanding. Maidstone Sports Cars now occupy a former Kentish oast house, deep in the heart of the beautiful Weald of Kent, where we now employ nine technicians, each deeply skilled in their area of expertise.

Maidstone Sports Cars have become increasingly well known, partly due to their engineering feats and unique vehicles. In 1992, Maidstone Sports Cars commissioned a special four-wheel drive MGB as a promotional car. The car was subsequently featured in many motoring magazines, the Daily Telegraph and BBC TV's Top Gear, where it was vigourously tested by Chris Goffey (see Projects).

Maidstone Sports Cars then went on to create their now world famous MGB GT RV8, also shown and driven on Top Gear and featured on the front covers of MG Enthusiast and Retro magazines.

Awards for quality and workmanship followed from the MG Owners' Club and the MG Car Club - including their prestigious Five Spanner Workshop Award. Maidstone Sports Cars went on to become a Triumph TR Club, Club Lotus and Jaguar Enthusiast Club recommended supplier, and achieved British Motor Heritage approval.

In 2000, Maidstone Sports Cars entered the racing paddock for the first time with their own built race MGB, which went on to win the prestigious MG Car Club BCV8 Championship.They then moved on to the MGF Challenge Cup in 2001 and achieved overall 2nd.

Motorsport then took a back seat so as to further develop the business. This allowed Maidstone Sports Cars to develop the Lotus HondaElise project in 2003, an engineering exercise that introduced the Lotus world to what Maidstone Sports Cars could really do. The conversion was heavily publicised by its race wins when Maidstone Sports Cars returned to motorsport in 2007 with their own built Honda powered Lotus Elise's in the newly formed and very popular LoTRDC Elise Trophy.

2010 saw Maidstone Sports Cars move on to run successfully the Orbital Sounds highly modified Honda Powered Elise in the prestigious Britcar championship.

With further developments on the HondaElise conversion, 2012 saw Maidstone Sports Cars return to the LoTRDC Lotus Cup UK, where they finished the season with 3 outright wins.

As Maidstone Sports Cars enter the 2013 race season, the team hope to see further success with the Honda Powered Exige.

2014 will see the opening of a new MOT test and service facility

Company Ethos

Maidstone Sports Cars is a brand that is synonymous with quality.

At Maidstone Sports Cars, we hope that when you visit us for the first time this is just the beginning of our relationship with yourselves. Our objective is to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to ensure your vehicle is repaired effectively and efficiently.

Our team of trained service, parts and body specialists are always on hand to ensure your visit is both satisfying and swift.

As owners and enthusiasts for many years, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of your car and ensure that its performance is maintained.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and friendly customer service. When buying any product or service you can be certain that we have gone to great lengths to ensure it will meet your expectations.

For details about the services we can provide for your sports car, please call or Contact Us